Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swimming lessons

We put Emmy in swimming lessons this summer with our neighbors, Ms. Sally and Mr. Paul. It was quite the interesting experience. She was excited to go the first day, but would not get in the pool by herself. I had to carry her over to the edge and then run away and hide. After Ms. Sally helped her in, she was fine until she had to dunk her head under to do some bobs.

She did not want to do that, but Ms. Sally made her do it anyway. And then she said she never wanted to go back to swimming lessons ever again. So it was a struggle to get her there every day. She screamed and cried and I pretty much had to pry her out of the stroller or car and drag her in there and set her by the edge of the pool crying. Every day.

And then she would be fine after about 10 seconds. She still didn't like to dunk her head in, but Ms. Sally made her do it every time.

Doing the monkey crawl around the edge of the pool.
Anyway, even though it was a struggle to get her there, she improved SO MUCH! By the last day, she willingly went to swimming lessons and got in the pool by herself and did all the things really well. She even came home and was playing swimming lessons with her dolls and making them do kicks and bobs. It was hilarious!

Here she is "listening" to the dolphin!

Ms. Sally had "buddies" for them to use each day to practice stuff with and to "keep them safe". Emmy loved her buddy and wanted some for her birthday.

Now Emmy loves swimming and asks if we can go every day. She will willingly dunk her head under the water by herself and do bobs and go get her dive buddies.

Ms. Sally and Mr. Paul were awesome. They were so patient with her but made her do hard things. And then praised her through the roof when she did.

She was still reluctant to jump off the edge without help though.

But on the last day of class, she "sort of" went down the slide (with some help).

Anyway, I was so proud of her and the progress she made in swimming lessons this year.

Here she is riding her scooter to swimming lessons on the last day (the only day I didn't have to pry her off me to get there).

Now she loves the water and is so much braver. Thank you Ms. Sally and Mr. Paul!

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I didn't know his company was moving to Florida? I thought it was more over by the Boston area or NC.?!?Florida would be fun!! Good luck with all that, it must be very stressful.