Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Zach is finally 40" tall!!!!

For the past 6 months or so, Zach has been dying to go on Star Tours for some reason. He has been just barely too short. But he finally made it! We may have gotten him some new shoes to help.

Anyway, he is now tall enough for lots more rides, which makes going to Disneyland even more fun! He rode Star Tours, Splash Mountain, the jellyfish, Big Thunder Mountain, and Radiator Springs Racers for the first time!


Some of the happenings in August and September...

There was lots of trampoline jumping.

The kids took swimming lessons. Emily did awesome. She is becoming a pretty good little swimmer. She can swim from one end of the pool to the other and jump off the diving board.

Zach screamed and whined and put up a fuss the first week of swimming lessons. It was so awful that I almost pulled him out. But the second week he did much better, so I'm glad I kept him in.

He even went off the diving board the last day.

One day after swimming lessons, Zach decided to take a bath. He turned on the water and got his swimming suit!

Emmy wanted to learn to cook, so we've been having dinner lessons on Sundays.

We love raspberries!

We went to Sea World and Zach lost both his shoes.

Date night with my girl at Bahama Bucks. This is seriously the best shave ice! Even better than my favorite Lani's.

We went on a hike to the heart rock.

So cool!

Allison came to visit!

I made jam!

Emily wrote about Allison coming to visit.

It was 70 degrees one day and Emmy insisted on wearing a coat. With shorts. And bare feet. Eating a Popsicle. Ha!

We drove all the way to Utah for a weekend to go to the Holy War game.

Emmy is excited about Halloween.

Zach made this traffic light at school and insists on sleeping with it every night.

Beach bum!

Monday, October 3, 2016

First day of school

Both of these cuties started school in August! It's like a dream come true for this mama. I finally have a few hours of daily freedom!!!

Emily is in 1st grade.
And Zach started daily preschool.

They are both doing great! Emily has made a ton of progress in reading. And Zach has made a ton of progress in everything! Seriously he is doing so much better.