Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February, Part 2

Emmy started a dance class.

We had a Valentine's party. Auntie Ginx brought some cookies for the kids to decorate.

Our yummy dinner.

And the awesome and delicious cake I made.

More beach time!

Fun with friends!

When you go for a walk and all four kids poop out and want to ride in the stroller at the same time. I love my Bob stroller!

Dr. Seuss Day at school.

Just some Friday night wrestling.

Emmy says she is never tired. She feel asleep one Sunday afternoon at 4 on the couch.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February, part 1

We hadn't been to the beach in a couple months, so we went even though it was cold. We had a great time. Emmy got soaked. These kids love the beach!

Emmy and I started reading the American Girl books. I wanted a Samantha doll so bad when I was a kid. I asked for one every Christmas and birthday for 3 years, but I never got one. My sisters both got one later. My mom said she regretted not getting me one and would get my daughter one someday. I'm making Emmy read the books before she gets to get her doll.

My cousin Rachel and her family came to go to Disneyland. We tagged along for one of the days. It was fun! Emily really took to Lily and loved having a new friend. We also had them over for dinner one day and it was really fun!

We love to have visitors!