Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Big girl bike

We got Emmy a bike last week! I was going to wait until her birthday to get her one, but then I realized that by then, the summer would practically be over and I wanted her to be able to enjoy it all summer. So she won't be getting much for her birthday this year, but she was so excited about her new bike!

Now she has all summer to learn how to ride it!

She was so excited about the little basket to put her doll in to take for a ride too. She was so cute at the store. She kept saying, "I want a little bike to take home!"

She is becoming quite the little helper. She loves to help me clean.

And sometimes she likes to help with Zach.

She also has been saying the funniest things in her prayers. Like...

-"please help me to learn to like my Gossie book."
-"please help me not to put my finger in Mommy's eye."
-"I'm thankful I could make a yummy treat."
-"Please bless Zach can be happy."
-"please help me not be scared."
-"I'm thankful I could see the duck."

I love that little girl!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Leprachaun tricks

The leprechaun came to our house Saturday night and left a trail of gold coins outside Emmy's door. She had to follow the trail to see what the leprechaun had left her. She was so excited!

She proceeded to pick up all the coins along the way.

They led to a little green cup that had a green CTR ring and necklace inside for her to wear to church. She thought they were pretty cool. She also had fun playing with the gold coins all day.

We had green smoothies for breakfast! Emmy had quite the green mustache.

And then she filled up all these little green cups with water and drank them all. We also had a fun dinner with my family later that night.

Happy St. Paddys Day! Hope you had a great one!

5 months

Mr Zach is 5 months old! He is seriously like a whole different baby, smiling and laughing all the time and pretty well-behaved most of the time.

For his 5-month birthday, we went to go visit my Grandma LaWana. We had a great time. Zach smiled and Emmy played with Easter eggs.

At 5 months, Zach...

-still is not sleeping through the night. We may have to try the basement for the whole night for a week.
-is doing better at taking at least one decent nap a day.
-likes his oatmeal
-does not like a bottle
-loves his dangling toys and grabbing things
-still spits up a lot
-smiles and laughs often
-likes to go for stroller rides and car rides
-is busting out of his shirts and drowning in his pants
-is a mama's boy

I am SO thankful that Zach is feeling better and is happier. His big, goofy smile melts my heart every time. I love that he loves me so much and smiles and laughs when he sees me. He is getting to be such a fun baby and it makes me so happy.

Emily, however, seems to be disliking him more and more every day, poking and hitting him, pulling his head away from me when he's eating, and sitting on him, etc. I'm not sure what to do about that.

But other times she is so cute with him, giving him toys and holding his hand and trying to share her snacks with him.

Zach and Daddy had matching shirts on so we had to take a picture, and of course Emmy wanted in on the action too!

And you gotta love those chunky thighs!

Happy 5 months, Mr. Zach! We sure do love having you in our family (and especially more since you don't cry all day/night anymore and are so happy and fun now!)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Maybe we should have named him Russell...

We watched Up again last week, and Matt and I kept laughing so hard because we think Zach looks like Russell! Ha! Maybe that'll be his Halloween costume.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Build A Bunny

Due to our EXTREME cabin fever last week (and a really great coupon I had that was about to expire) we took Emmy to Build A Bear. It was so much fun! Of course she picked a bunny.

And of course she was a little timid of the stuffer machine.

She wanted me to put the heart inside her bunny. 

But then she got right to work giving her new bunny a bath.

And picking out some clothes for it.

Matt was very distraught when she said she wanted the blue clothes for her bunny. After it was dressed, she kept wanting more things to put on it. She kept saying it needed a sweater and socks and shoes. We got the bunny some shoes, and as we were putting them on, Emmy was insistent that we put socks on it first, and proceeded to look for some socks. There are NO socks in the entire build-a-bear store! We put our feet down at the sweater and everything else though.

She LOVES her bunny and totes it everywhere! After we got the bunny all done, we wandered around the mall for a bit. Emily said she wanted to run, so she ran down the ENTIRE mall and back (with me running after her the whole time)! Can you tell we have been cooped up for way too long? Then we found these fun rides!

And Emmy didn't even know that they moved if you put $$ in them...she just had fun sitting in them and climbing on them.

Anyway, it was a fun time!