Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas dress

Let the Christmas season begin! Thanks Grandma Lively for the cute Christmas dress!

Please ignore the crazy lady in this video. Apparently one might go to great lengths to get her child to laugh. :)

The last true Holy War

On Saturday we went to the last true Holy War. With both BYU and Utah leaving the conference, they most likely won't continue to have the Holy War. That is so weird! My whole life, they've always played each other the last game of the season, and it's such a huge event. It'll be really strange not to have that anymore.

I was a little reluctant to go since I had a really terrible experience when I went 2 years ago, but this is a historical event...I couldn't miss it. And besides, I'm not going to let a bunch of idiots keep me from enjoying a game. Unfortunately (for me), BYU lost by one point in the last 4 seconds of the game by a blocked field goal kick after being ahead almost the entire game. But at least the Utah fans weren't mean and nasty to me this time.

So of course Matt and his sister had to go rush the field. And here is the Lively clan--minus me--the one lone BYU fan. I've honestly never seen them so excited as they were in that last second of the game. It really was a shocker. I thought for sure BYU had won, and I was going to have to get Matt a consolation pizza.

Even though my team lost, it was still a fun game. Good-bye Holy's been fun!


I'm thankful for this sweet little girl. We broke down and got her an early Christmas present--the Bumbo! She hates her bouncy seat because she does not like to be reclined. She likes to be upright. And we needed a place to put her. So we thought she'd like this. And she mostly does...hurray!

Anyway, I'm thankful for her and the happiness she brings into our home. I'm thankful for family and friends and for the gospel. I'm thankful for Matt, who is the most wonderful hubby I could ever ask for. I'm thankful to have a place to live and food to eat, and to be taken care of. Happy Thanksgiving!

We ran the Thanksgiving Day 5K. It was my first post-baby race. I think I did pretty well, considering I haven't been running all that much since giving birth. It wasn't my worst time ever, so that was a success! It was a whopping 6 degrees at start time. Brrrrr! And yes, Nathan did run with that book.

Since it was Em's first Thanksgiving, we decided it would be fun to give her a Thanksgiving feast of her first time eating solids. So we broke out the rice cereal. It was pretty funny.

I really don't know if she actually ate any of it or if it just went down her face.

 She thought her fingers tasted much better.

And then she decided that she wanted to hold her own spoon.

She is such a silly girl!

Here's a video of her eating her first Thanksgiving dinner.

And here she is playing her new favorite game!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sleeping beauty

So we went in to check on Emily yesterday morning and this is what we found...

She had completely gotten out of her blanket, was facing the opposite way, had her feet sticking out of the crib, and was sucking on her two middle fingers. It was adorable.

She had her 4 month checkup today and weighed 13 lbs, 12 oz (50th percentile), was 24.5 inches tall (60th percentile), and her head was 39 cm (5th percentile). Everything was looking great!

Harry Potter

So, this printing company (Ferrari Color) that we use to print most of our advertisements at work invited us to a private, pre-screening of Harry Potter the day before it was released. So cool! The movie was great, and Ferrari did an awesome job of creating a fun atmosphere. They had the Knight Bus where we picked up our tickets, then we were all assigned to a section of the theater based on our ticket. Each section was a different business from Diagon Alley. I was in the Honeydukes section. They had these little pennant things over our seats that designated our sections. Then they had treats for us in the Diagon Alley shops. Plus we had Floo powder and even a Daily Prophet. It was so fun! And the movie was great!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Phone phobia

Maybe someone can help me. I have a fear of calling people on the phone. I hate it! I don't have a problem calling most of my family members and a few close friends, but other than that I hate it! I have to gear myself up every time. It's ridiculous and I need to get over it. I mean, I do it most of the time when I have to, but it stresses me out. Like the other day when we had to call our activities committee members to come to a meeting, I put it off for a week and then made Matt do it. I'm ok with texting or email, but I just hate calling people! I'm terrible! How can I get over this? This is not helping my desire to have friends. I get up the guts to call people to invite them to something and they can't come and I can't seem to get up the nerve again for awhile. I love to host things,  I just hate doing the inviting. What is wrong with me?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 Months!

Hi! I am 4 months old today. I can do lots of things like roll over both ways, smile, laugh at my silly daddy, grab for my toys and hold them, fit my whole fist in my mouth, get out of my burrito blanket, and blow raspberries.

I love to play with my mobiles and look at books. I can almost hold my own bottle. I sleep from about 6:30-7 p.m. to 7-8 a.m. but I still usually get up once in the night to eat. I still love to stand on people's laps and dance with my strong legs and watch TV. I don't like my carseat or taking my naps or being cradled or sleeping in church. I spit up all the time--at church, all over my mom and dad and the floor, in bed, and all over my shirt every day. I love to always see what is going on. I can jabber and coo. My daddy is the only one that can make me laugh.

I am so cute and my mommy and daddy love me!

Happy 4-month birthday to me!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yay Baby!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my awesome neighbor watches Emily for us. She has a 2-year-old son. He is adorable, and he LOVES Emily. Today when I dropped her off, he was jumping up and down and clapping at the window saying, "! Baby here!" It's the cutest thing ever. And then he proceeded to give her hugs and kisses and comment on her "hat" (which was the bow in her hair). And then he said, "Bye Mom!" to me. Ha!

He also has an 8-year-old sister, who said the other day, "I wish Emily could come on Saturdays too so I can see her all day."

At least she is loved.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun times

Emily is usually really happy when she wakes up in the morning or from her naps. She just smiles and squeals when you go in to get her. So cute! It's kind of like Christmas morning because Matt and I have to wait for each other to be ready before we are allowed to go get her because we both love it. :)

She also loves her baths. Here she is in her cute little robe.

And here she is playing in the bath. She was having a grand ole time until I started the video, and then she just stared at me. But after awhile she got back into it. :) But I can't seem to get the video to post.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Emily was the cutest little duckie for Halloween this year. I think she looks so adorable and her costume turned out so cute.

I did not have much of a chance to prepare a costume so I had to recycle a previous year's costume. At our ward Halloween party a little girl thought I was the real Snow White and was just mesmerized with me. It was hilarious!

This is Emily's little boyfriend, Cooper. He is so funny. Every time Em comes over, he dive bombs into her carseat to give her hugs and kisses. Em is obviously not interested.

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday to pick out a pumpkin. They had a little petting zoo there. Em wasn't so sure about the little llama.

Or about sitting in the hay.

She pretty much hated it.

We found a pumpkin!

Then on Saturday night, we went to our cousin Lily's Birthday-Ween party. Here is Emily with her auntie Allison.

And her auntie Laurie.

Ryan and Michael dressed up as my dad and uncle Paul. It was hilarious!

By Day 3 of wearing the duck suit, Emily was ready to be done with the Halloween festivities.

And so was Rivers.

Happy Halloween!