Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm thankful for this sweet little girl. We broke down and got her an early Christmas present--the Bumbo! She hates her bouncy seat because she does not like to be reclined. She likes to be upright. And we needed a place to put her. So we thought she'd like this. And she mostly does...hurray!

Anyway, I'm thankful for her and the happiness she brings into our home. I'm thankful for family and friends and for the gospel. I'm thankful for Matt, who is the most wonderful hubby I could ever ask for. I'm thankful to have a place to live and food to eat, and to be taken care of. Happy Thanksgiving!

We ran the Thanksgiving Day 5K. It was my first post-baby race. I think I did pretty well, considering I haven't been running all that much since giving birth. It wasn't my worst time ever, so that was a success! It was a whopping 6 degrees at start time. Brrrrr! And yes, Nathan did run with that book.

Since it was Em's first Thanksgiving, we decided it would be fun to give her a Thanksgiving feast of her first time eating solids. So we broke out the rice cereal. It was pretty funny.

I really don't know if she actually ate any of it or if it just went down her face.

 She thought her fingers tasted much better.

And then she decided that she wanted to hold her own spoon.

She is such a silly girl!

Here's a video of her eating her first Thanksgiving dinner.

And here she is playing her new favorite game!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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