Bucket List

Have children
Climb the Great Wall of China
See the pyramids in Egypt and ride on a camel
Kiss the Blarney Stone
Go on a humanitarian trip
Ride a gondola in Venice
Be a motivational speaker
Sing “The Hills Are Alive…” and eat schnitzel with noodles while hiking in the Alps
Serve a mission with my husband
Go on a sleigh ride through the forest in a one-horse open sleigh with jingle bell reigns
Participate in the Puxatawney, PA Groundhog Day celebration
Go on an African safari
Visit all seven continents & 50 states (I'm missing Antarctica and Africa  for the continents; and Alaska, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin for the states)
Eat a Ruths Chris steak
Swim in the Great Salt Lake
Hike the Inca Trail
Run a marathon (and run a race at Disneyland while wearing Minnie Mouse ears.)
Ride in a hot air balloon
Read the Standard Works (Old Testament, New Testament, D&C, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price)
See Mount Rushmore
Watch a horse race at Churchill Downs
Ride a double-decker bus
See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in person
Watch a meteor shower
Hike the Narrows in Zions
Wear a southern belle hoop skirt
Eat chocolate at Max Bremmers
Win the cherub in Trivial Pursuit
Go to the White House
Dance at a ball til the stroke of midnight

Hike Mt. Timpanogos and watch the sunrise
Pay for a random person at a restaurant
Own a Tahitian black pearl
Take a small child to the zoo
Learn the Thriller dance
See a killer whale not at Sea World

Watch a few stages of the Tour de France in person
Ride a mountain stage of the Tour de France
Complete 5 years without having to go to school