Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Books and toe jam

Emily LOVES books. Her new favorite is this Winnie the Pooh book that she got last year for her birthday. (The batteries ran out awhile ago and we just barely replaced them.) It plays little songs and she has started singing along. She also will finish the sentence of the book or song if you leave off the last word.

She has also started an obsession with toe jam. Every time she takes off her shoes and socks, she has to check her toes for toe jam. It is hilarious.

And when Daddy comes home, she instructs him to take off his shoes and socks so she can check and see if he has any too. I don't know where she got this from. It's kinda gross, but kinda funny.

And please ignore her ragamuffin hair. She is constantly taking out her barrettes and ponytail holders. I don't know how to keep them in!