Sunday, November 28, 2010

The last true Holy War

On Saturday we went to the last true Holy War. With both BYU and Utah leaving the conference, they most likely won't continue to have the Holy War. That is so weird! My whole life, they've always played each other the last game of the season, and it's such a huge event. It'll be really strange not to have that anymore.

I was a little reluctant to go since I had a really terrible experience when I went 2 years ago, but this is a historical event...I couldn't miss it. And besides, I'm not going to let a bunch of idiots keep me from enjoying a game. Unfortunately (for me), BYU lost by one point in the last 4 seconds of the game by a blocked field goal kick after being ahead almost the entire game. But at least the Utah fans weren't mean and nasty to me this time.

So of course Matt and his sister had to go rush the field. And here is the Lively clan--minus me--the one lone BYU fan. I've honestly never seen them so excited as they were in that last second of the game. It really was a shocker. I thought for sure BYU had won, and I was going to have to get Matt a consolation pizza.

Even though my team lost, it was still a fun game. Good-bye Holy's been fun!

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