Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cousins and cabins

A couple of weekends ago we went up to the cabin. Emmy had a blast with her cousins! We showed them the fort where my brothers used to play. They loved it and kept asking if they could go back. Here they are walking down the road to the fort.

They loved climbing through the trees!

On the way back, I showed them how to pick grass and stick it out of their mouths. They thought this was hilarious!

Then of course I had to show them how to make flower salad and give it to Grandpa!

They also got some squirtguns and had a ball planning to ambush Grandpa with their squirtguns when he came back from his walk. But then they turned around and started squirting Levi in the face. Oops! So I had to remind them that they could only squirt Grandpa. Emmy said that squirting Grandpa was her favorite part about the cabin. Ha!

They lined themselves up like this on the stairs all by themselves. They are so funny!

And we built a fire and made smores. Yum!

And they were too scared to go on the rope swing normally, but they had a ball going like this!

We also went on 4-wheeler rides and ate lots of junk and stayed up way too late and gave the kids glowsticks, which they loved, and had a great time!

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