Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Emmy's Birthday Party

Emmy had her first "friend" birthday party this year. I kept asking her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said she wanted to have a party at home with just me and her. Then a few days before her birthday she said she wanted her friends to come to her party. I was shocked! She usually only wants to play with one friend at a time. And it has to be at our house. So we kept it simple and only invited 3 girls from the neighborhood and her cousins.

We had a swimming party, so we made some Ariel cupcakes and invitations. She also had been saying for months that she wanted a starfish cake, so I found some little starfish candies to put on the cupcakes.

We set up the blowup pool and slip-n-slide out in the backyard for her party and the kids just played in the water the whole time. Easiest birthday party ever!

I told Emmy that if she invited all these friends that she was going to have to play with all of them at the same time. She did really well! She was so happy and excited to have them all there.

Their favorite part was playing ring around the rosies and falling down in the pool.

They had a ball!

Then we had cake and ice cream and opened presents and then swam some more!

She was so nice and polite and said thank you to her friends for the fun gifts they brought. And she picked out party favors (butterfly straws) to give to them as they were leaving. It was so fun to watch her be so nice and have fun with her friends! And the girls and Rivers were really cute too! Rivers was too busy swimming to get out for cake! Ha!

And then Emmy wanted spaghetti for dinner. With no sauce. And then she crashed after dinner from all the fun of her birthday, and went to bed. We sure do love that Emmy!

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The Lively's said...

Hey you missed her other cousins! :( Glad she had a fun birthday. Birthdays are the best!