Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer fun

More summer happenings.... Matt is still looking for jobs. His company is moving to Florida early next year. So he either has to find a new job, or we move to Florida. We are looking at all the options...both in and out of state. So far he has offers in Florida, Boston, and Indiana. We're trying to open as many doors as possible right now. We are currently still undecided. Here is Zach "helping" Dad apply for jobs. :)

Emmy is a little silly. Here she is all dressed up in her swimsuit, a bunch of necklaces and bows, and her new church shoes.

She got this super annoying Dora microphone for her birthday. She loves to sing into it! Funny story...I had actually bought this for her too because even though it was annoying, I knew she would love it. But then her cousin gave it to her so I took the one I bought back to the store and got her something else.

I told her to go get dressed so we could go somewhere and she came back wearing this...a flowered shirt, paint-splattered shorts, 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces, and her snow boots (which are 4 sizes too small). Then she insisted on wearing that to the store.

We had our annual cousin party last weekend. My granny rented a big blowup slide and this year she got a little one for the little kids. They loved it!

Zach just loved playing with this awesome ball.

And the water table. The party was fun!

Emmy got this awesome book reader thing for her birthday and she loves it! It reads the books to her. Brilliant!

We are having a fun summer!

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