Thursday, August 30, 2012

Matt's new toy

So when Matt started grad school, he was really eyeing some new bike wheels. I told him that he could have them for a graduation present when he finished, and we set aside some money for them.  Now that he actually graduated, he decided he would rather have a new TV instead of the bike wheels. (What is it with guys and TVs? I really don't get it...but whatever, it was what he wanted and it was cheaper than the wheels, so that's a plus.)

Anyway, the other night he went and got his new toy. Here he is unveiling it.

It was pretty funny...he was super giddy about it all night. And for the past few days, he's been trying out all the different settings and stuff. I had a whole 2 weeks between graduation and when I lost him again to this TV and the beginning of football season. He's already planned out when this baby can come in October so that it's not during any important football games. Ha!

P.S. I asked Emmy if she liked football last night. She said, "No." And then she said, "Daddy likes football." Ha!

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