Monday, August 27, 2012

My feeble attempts at being domestic

So last week, my mom, sister-in-law, and I got together and made a bunch of freezer meals.We made 21 dishes and split them up into our 3 families for a total of 63 meals. Actually it's probably more than that because some of the meals can be used twice. This will be SO NICE to have over the next few months. Here are the fruits of our labors.

It was a lot of work. One day we planned all the meals we were going to make and what we would need, the next day my mom and Mystie went to the store to buy all the stuff and my mom and I cooked all chicken, and Mystie cooked all the ground beef. Then the next day we got together and made everything. It took about 9 hours and my hands/arm are still sore from all the chopping. (I have pregnancy-induced carpel tunnel which causes pain/numbness/swelling in my hands.) But I think it was worth it, and now we each have at least 21 ready-made meals.

I also attempted to plant a garden this summer. The cucumber and pumpkin plants died, and the tomato plants are not doing so hot. So far I have only gotten a bunch of zucchini from the garden.

But I have two watermelons growing.

And a few small tomatoes that I hope will turn out eventually.

We also have a pear tree that has a few pears on it, so hopefully they will be ready soon.

Otherwise we're going to be stuck eating zucchini for the next several weeks. Seriously, we get at least 1 zucchini every day. I've made every zucchini dish I can think of! Anyway, this was my first attempt at growing a garden. Hopefully next year I'll get better at it, and we'll have something other than zucchini to eat from it. :)

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