Monday, August 6, 2012

Cabin trip

Last week we headed up to our cabin for a few days in the mountains. It was nice to get away and have people to talk to and someone for Em to play with. Emmy and Rivers had a ball. Here they are picking yellow flowers to give to Grandma.

This was when Rivers was smelling the flowers and Emmy thought he was eating them and said, "Rivers, don't eat the flowers!" It was hilarious!

Then they built some towers out of rocks on these logs. Rivers would knock them down and say, "Oh no! Oh no!" and Emmy would laugh at him.

They thought the big rocks around the fire pit were very interesting. They also had a blast running and flopping themselves on the couch and jumping on the beds and playing cars on the deck.

Em tried her first piece of corn on the cob. I about died laughing watching her eat it, it was so funny. She would just take random bites of the corn all over the cob. She eventually ate about half the cob, but she insisted on doing it herself.

Matt and my brothers and dad practiced their bow hunting skills. Emmy kept wanting to go see the deer so after each round, we'd have to hike over to the target and see the deer. She also loved going for rides on "Kyle's big truck" (the 4-wheeler) and seeing the sheep at Grandma Alta's house and on the road up the canyon.

On Saturday morning, a bunch of us participated in the Skyline 10K at 10K (10,000 feet in elevation) run, which was just down the road from our cabin. I only did the 5K and walked it, but it was HARD! The hardest 5K I've ever done and I was only walking. That elevation really did have an effect. It was such a small race that half of us (not me) won prizes! The funniest part was instead of a gunshot start or a countdown or anything, the starting guy just waved his hat and said go! It was a beautiful course though and they had turkey sausage at the end from the Sanpete County turkey farms. I thought that was funny.

On the way home, we gave Emmy this little bag of chips and she got it all over herself. She looked hilarious. When I was trying to take a picture, she kept saying, "No pictures! No pictures!" Ha!

Anyway, it was a fun time, and we got to stop and see my Great-granny Alta (who is 98). A few months ago she was really sick, and we didn't think she'd make it, but she's bounced right back and was husking corn and getting cookies for Emily.

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Mystique Shepherd said...

I love these two, I'm glad they are friends :)