Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Done and Done

MATT GRADUATED FROM GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are done with school FOREVER!!!! (Neither of us need/want doctorates). We are both beyond thrilled about this. One or both of us have been in grad school ever since we got married, and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. It has been a tough 4 years with one or both of us being in school, but we are DONE! Oh glorious day!

I am so proud of my honey. I know it has been a tough road, but he persisted through it and now he is a master! He shocked me by deciding at the last minute to actually attend his BYU graduation. He did wear his Utah tie though and got a lot of weird looks.

And I am so proud of myself too! (I did read/edit his 140-page thesis multiple times.) I told Matt it was pretty typical of a BYU grad to have a pregnant wife and a 2-year-old at his graduation. Ha!

Here he is walking across the stage to get his diploma.

Emmy would not quit picking her nose for the pictures. Ha!

Here is Matt with his published copy of his thesis. See how the title is 3 lines long? And remember how it was 140 pages? Crazy!

Even though Matt's parents were also sporting their red and white, (they probably never thought they would set foot on BYU's campus before) Matt's dad insisted on getting him a BYU frame for his diploma. It was pretty funny. Em was very intrigued by Matt's tassle.

Anyway, I am so glad this day has finally come. And I am so proud of Matt for working so hard. It's so nice to have this out of the way so we can now focus on other things without this hanging over our heads. On his graduation day, Matt seemed so much more relaxed and light and free than he has in the past 3 years. It was great! Congratulations honey, you did a great job!


rebekah said...

yay! congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment.

The Lively's said...

Congrats! And I couldn't help but notice the redness that was glowing from Matt's parents red & white attire!!! That had to have been on accident I am almost positive! ; )