Friday, September 7, 2012

St. George

Over Labor Day weekend we went to St. George. My cousin sort of eloped a few weeks ago and she was having a little wedding celebration over Labor Day. So we went. I forgot the camera and thus didn't take any pictures, but here is a small summary of the weekend.

-It was REALLY hot.
-Emmy whined half the drive there with things like, "Emmy needs a chip." or "Emmy wants something out of that box (the cooler)."
-We stopped at the cheese factory in Beaver and Em spit crackers all over the floor.
-We went swimming both Friday and Saturday and Em loved it.
-The wedding was lovely (and HOT) and my cousin looked beautiful.
-The roast beef at the wedding dinner was amazing.
-Emily loved the reception venue and kept asking to go back to "the big house with the park by the trampolines".
-It was fun to see all my family and attend the wedding and my cousin's new baby's blessing as well.
-My cousin, Emma, stole Matt for the girl's choice dance.
-I participated in a total of one dance. (The rest of the time I was drinking cold water by the gallon.)
-While trying to follow my dad and Nathan, they made U-Turns in very weird places.
-Emily could be bribed to do anything by telling her that she could play with her cousin Rivers.
-Emmy chattered the WHOLE way home. Seriously. I was wondering if her mouth would ever get tired. But it was way better than whining.
-Did I mention it was HOT?

Anyway, it was an exhausting and HOT weekend, but it was so fun to get away.

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Vermont 6 said...

Thanks for making the effort to come down, especially being pregnant in St George in the summer - I did that once - yuck! Anyway we were happy that you came and hope that when it cools down you will come again and spend some time - it is always great to see you and your family.