Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Counting down

Remember when I ran a marathon?

And rode my bike 100 miles?

And finally completed the St. George triathlon? (And 5 other ones too?)

And ran a 1/2 Marathon at the last minute without even training because my friend wanted me to run with her?

And hiked to the top of a nearly 12,000 foot mountain in the dark?

Yeah, I am really missing those days of being in shape when right now it hurts so badly just to walk a mile or even mop the floor. It even hurts to sleep. I wish that I would have been able to exercise like I used to during this pregnancy, but this boy has not let me do much. And so I feel like a pathetic, useless blob.

I really hope I make it to this boy's birthday in one piece...I am counting down the days til I can be done with this pregnancy. One more month til he gets here and then another month or so after that til I can start exercising again and getting back in shape! I can't wait so I am posting these pics as a reminder to myself that I can get there again and I don't have to be a useless blob for much longer!

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