Thursday, July 26, 2012


Emmy and I went to the Pioneer Day parade downtown. It was great! My brother lives really close to the parade route and scored us a great spot. Emily liked the parade I think. Except the police sirens.

This was the float that was built by our neighbors a few houses down. We would constantly see pieces of it in their driveway for the past few months every time we would leave the neighborhood.

Rivers was waving at all the princesses! Ha!

Em loved watching the horsies.

And laughing at her cousin. Em thinks Rivers is pretty much the funniest person in the world. She laughs more at him than anyone (or anything) else. It's great!

There was a clown who Scott and Mystie knew. He made a balloon hat. Emily didn't like to wear it.

Neither did Rivers.

But he liked waving it at the floats.

It was a fun time! Thanks to Scott who got up early to get a spot!

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