Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emily's Birthday

Emily has been such an ornery crank this week that I was really worried she wouldn't enjoy her birthday. She was mostly happy in the morning. We made some pancakes for breakfast and we did some of her favorite things like go to the library and the park and we went to McDonald's for lunch. I think she had fun and enjoyed it. After her nap, however, she was back to being a crank.

When she's really cranky, she sometimes will run to a corner and lay down like this. (This is on our back steps.)
We tried to play outside for awhile, which she normally loves and do some bubbles, but she was not very happy about it.

Then she got a popsicle, which she was happy about only after she got to hold it herself.

Daddy came home early from work so we could do some fun things before bed. But she didn't want to do any of the things we tried. So we opened her presents.

She got some Elmo jammies, which she insisted on putting on right away. She really liked tearing the paper off the presents.

We got her this baby doll that comes with a bathtub and all the bath accessories so she could practice giving it a bath. I thought this might help with her bath phobia and help her to learn to like the bath. She loved giving her baby a bath!

And she got this fun princess tent. Instead of crawling inside like you're supposed to, she lifted it up and put it over her head. Ha!

She also got a car track. I know it's a boy thing, but she really loves cars! She has even started pointing out all the cars and trucks as we drive down the road and telling what color they are and if they're big or little.

Then we had some birthday dinner. We made some pizza, thinking she would love it, but she said she wanted a taco, so she got a quesadilla. But then after she ate her quesadilla and she saw us eating the pizza, she wanted some too.

And then for her birthday cake!

I hope that she at least somewhat enjoyed her birthday. I'm kind of sad that she was so ornery, but I'm glad that she had fun doing some of the special things I had planned for her. Maybe this just isn't the year of birthdays. We sure do love you, Emmy, and hope you had a special day! We're having a little party for her on Saturday with family, so hopefully she will be happy again by then.

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