Sunday, July 22, 2012

Emily's Elmo Party

We had a little family birthday party for Emily this weekend. I was SO glad she was feeling happier. All day she kept asking, "Have a Elmo party now?" It was so stinkin' cute.  She loves Elmo so that was her party theme. I made some Elmo cupcakes.

An Elmo cake.

An Elmo vegetable tray.

And an Elmo fruit tray. I swear these things always look much cuter on Pintrest than they do when I actually attempt to make them.

After having some snacks, we opened presents! She got some really great presents from her grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins. What a spoiled little girl. She loved opening presents.
She thought the cards were books, and was so excited to open and look at her new "gooks".

Her auntie Melissa gave her these cute pink sandals and she insisted on putting them on right away. Then she insisted on wearing her "pretty pink shoes with hearts" to church this morning. She also wanted to take everything she got out of the box or packaging right away. It was so cute! And she was so excited about every present. She would exclaim, "It's a shirt!" (or whatever).

Her cousin Derek was very interested in her presents. He didn't even try to open them, he just enjoyed watching her. Then when she opened his present, he said, "That's from me!" It was pretty cute.

She loved throwing the paper in the air.

She was so excited about these princess balls. She loves balls of any type, and exclaimed, "It's a football!" when she opened her present. It made her daddy proud.

She got lots of fun presents. She got some fun books, clothes, and toys. My mom made her this cute quiet book, which I was so excited about because remember how I slaved over making her one for Christmas and then lost it? I'm sure she will love playing with this one and I will love taking it to church to keep her occupied.

Then it was time for cake! I love how Rivers looks like he is "ooo-ing" at the cake.

Emily loved her Elmo cupcake and then when she got up this morning, she asked if she could have Elmo cake for breakfast. I couldn't stop laughing because I'd ask her if she wanted eggs or cereal or strawberries, and she said, "Or Elmo cake!" Ha!

After her guests left, she had lots of fun playing with her new dollhouse from Grandma Lively.

And with her fishy game from her cousins Kyle and Derek. It is so nice to have new toys around here! She was getting bored with the few that she had before.

Thank you everyone for coming to share Emmy's special day! I had a lot of fun seeing her so excited about everything and having a good time.


The Lively's said...

It was fun! Thanks for the invite. Everything turned out cute and I am glad Emily had a good time and was happy! Still can't believe she is 2 time is flying!

Krista said...

Christy I'm so impressed with all of your Elmo making skills. I thought they looked great! You're such a fun mom!