Monday, July 9, 2012

Alaskan cruise: Victoria

Our last stop before heading back to Seattle was Victoria, British Columbia. Not exactly Alaska, but we were really excited to go there because that is where we spent our honeymoon.We were hoping to catch a bus up to Brentwood Bay (about 20 miles out of Victoria), where we stayed on our honeymoon, but it didn't work out with our time schedule. So we found a place near Victoria Harbor to rent some kayaks.

Our day in Victoria was beautiful. By far the nicest weather we had had so far on our trip. So it was nice to be out on the water in the sun. After paddling around the harbor for awhile, I made Matt go get some fish-n-chips. I wanted some fresh halibut fish-n-chips before heading home. It was delicious!

We also walked around for awhile trying to find a Tim Hortons donut shop. We discovered Tim Hortons when we were there on our honeymoon, and they seriously have the best donuts ever! It was totally worth the lengthy walk through town to find it.

We also had to get a nanaimo bar as well, which is a really good chocolate pastry thing that we also discovered on our honeymoon. Victoria is just so beautiful and we were glad to get to go back.

These were some bushes in front of the Empress Hotel. I really, really wanted to see an Orca whale on our trip. We think we may have seen one, but we're not positive that it was an Orca. So these were the next best thing. (I'm beginning to think killer whales are a myth...I've been on 3 whale watch tours and have still not seen one.)

Anyway, it was such a nice, relaxing, beautiful trip. I'm so thankful we were able to go and that my parents watched Emmy for us. She had such a fun time with her grandparents and aunt and uncle. She was smiling when she came home and then proceeded to "rediscover" all her toys. It was hilarious. She would run from toy to toy saying, "It's my bunny chair!" or whatever. I missed her and was happy to see her, and I'm glad she had a good time while we were gone. Because we sure did!

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