Friday, July 6, 2012

Alaskan cruise: Ketchikan

Our first stop was Ketchikan, Alaska. The first thing I noticed (besides how rainy it was) was the amount of bald eagles flying around. It was really neat. We even saw a nest with a mother eagle feeding her babies.

Ketchikan also supposedly has the largest collection of totem poles in North America.

We decided to take a boat tour to the Misty Fjords, which were about 40 miles away from Ketchikan in the Tongass National Forest. They were beautiful! It was also FREEZING, so I probably drank about 3 cups of hot chocolate and ate 2 bowls of clam chowder on this tour. :)

 On the way there, we passed this cool rock formation called New Eddystone Rock. It apparently is a volcano plug for an underwater volcano right there. When it spewed up it was so cold that it solidfied into this rock and plugged up the volcano.

 It was very misty. Hence, why it's called the Misty Fjords. :)

 But there were just really steep, tall cliffs with long, skinny waterfalls running down them. Every turn was just another amazing view.

 And the clouds were so low, it just looked mysterious. It kind of reminded me of New Zealand.

When we were done with the Misty Fjords tour, we hiked to a totem pole to see it up close and to a fish hatchery.

We also saw Santa there (I'm pretty sure Ketchikan is close to the North Pole!), but he left before I could get his picture.

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