Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cousin Party

Every year instead of birthday presents, my grandma throws a big birthday party for all her grandkids. This year she rented one of those big inflatable slides. Emily was content to stay on the tiny little baby slide instead.

She did get brave enough to get in the kiddie pool and slide down into it. (This is major progress considering her water phobia.)

She loved pouring out the water from this bucket.

She was the most stylish girl there with her new sunglasses.

Everyone thought it would be a good idea to make the big inflatable slide a waterslide. And then go down it on inflatable alligators and other inflatable things and see who could get the most air and the funniest picture of them flying over the edge. (Yes, my family is crazy.) That wall at the bottom didn't stop many people from going right over it.

Michael tried surfing down the slide.

Olivia slept through the whole thing.

There were many acrobatics (some on purpose and some not on purpose). Kyle worked on his landings.

It's kind of amazing that no one broke anything throughout the course of the day.

Charlotte was HILARIOUS eating this ice cream cone.

And Emmy loved this inflatable hippo. I'm pretty sure that hippo went down the slide a few times with people much older than Emmy. :)

She also loved the snow cones.

Although I was not able to go down the slide, it was pretty entertaining watching everyone else go down it.

Until next year....

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