Thursday, June 9, 2011


We are going on vacation in a couple weeks. Hurray! We are taking Emily. Does anyone have any tips on taking an 11-month-old on vacation? We'll be driving to California, going to Disneyland for 3 days, and then San Diego for 3 days (we'll probably do the zoo and the beach there). So anything about hotels, car trips, naps, eating, babies in theme parks, etc. would be helpful.

We're going to do the drive in 2 days and stay in St. George overnight so we won't have to drive the whole thing in one day. We're staying at a place within walking distance (15-20 min) of Disneyland. And my whole family is coming so hopefully some of them can watch Em part of the time so we can go on the fun rides!

Anyway its our first vacation with a baby, so any advice would be helpful. Every other time I've been to Disneyland it's always been a "lets pack as much into one day as possible and get there when it opens and stay til it closes" type of trip. I'm sure this will be much, much different. I was hoping she would be walking by now because I KNOW she is going to want to get down and move, and letting her get down and walk would be a million times easier than letting her get down and crawl. But she is only at the point where she can walk only when holding onto the furniture. And she can only stand unsupported for a couple of seconds.

But I am super excited! And I hope Emmy at least somewhat likes it and won't be a pill the whole time. :)

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