Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Vacation: San Diego

While in San Diego we went to the zoo. It was really cool. They had so many animals there, and a lot of them were actually out and about instead of just sleeping in a heap like at the Hogle Zoo. They even had animals I've never even heard of before. Unfortunately Emily was miserable. We went on a bus tour at the beginning and she was just whimpering on my shoulder. She never does that! It was so sad.

After the bus tour, she did take a nap in her stroller for awhile so that was good. I was sad she missed all the animals though. I thought she would have loved it. Oh well.

There was a really cute baby giraffe. There was also a cute baby hippo and koala. The bears were cool to watch and so were the lions. We watched the lions being fed, and it was so cool.

Allison came with us to the zoo, which was nice since we hadn't seen her all week. We found this polar bear wandering around!

The panda was so cute! It was just chomping on its bamboo.

Emily woke up to ride the sky tram and she at least liked that.

Allison decided that she needed a lion. She was so happy. I really liked the zoo. I hope we can go back someday when Emily will enjoy it more.

We tried to take Emily to the pool. She hated it. I think it was just too cold for her. So we came back and went swimming in the (much warmer) bathtub.

We also went to the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center in San Diego. My grandparents served their mission there. It was pretty neat.
One of the guns they had on display belonged to my 5th? great grandfather who was part of the batallion. His name was even carved into the handle.

One cool thing I learned there was that some members of the batallion got sick and were sent to Pueblo, New Mexico to recuperate instead of going on to San Diego. While they were there, they learned how to irrigate and farm in the desert. They then brought this knowledge back to Salt Lake, and so that is why the farming and stuff was successful here.

They also had a spot where you could pan for gold. I was unsuccessful.

We were able to do some sealings in the San Diego Temple. My dad had about the hugest stack of names I have ever seen. About halfway through the stack I felt like I needed to go feed Emily, so I left. Apparently shortly after that, everyone else decided to call it quits for the day as well. The temple was really pretty. They have an atrium in the middle and the celestial room was beautiful. Even though it took a really long time, I was glad to be able to go to the temple.

We gave Emily her first taste of chicken nuggets. She loved them!

And I also let her try some of my ice cream.

It was hilarious to watch her licking it right off the cone.

On the drive home, poor Emily had about had it with vacation and her carseat. She pretty much cried all the way through Nevada. She would cling to Matt every time it was time to get back in the car. It was so sad. At that point Matt said that we were never going on vacation again. :( I made him take it back. :) It definitely was a whole new ball game going on vacation with a teething baby. But we had a lot of fun.

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