Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Have you seen that commercial where the dad is standing outside the cell phone store with a bag full of baby stuff and he's thinking, "Man, I wish my daughter was old enough to get me a new phone for Father's Day." And then he decides to buy himself one and say it's from her. Well, that inspired Matt to do the same thing! Ha ha! So he got a new phone for Father's Day. I thought it was pretty funny.

In our very first ward, we had a little girl in our Primary class who told us on Mother's Day that she dressed up in a bear suit to give her mom her presents. Matt thought that was so great and ever since then he keeps talking about getting Emily a bear suit for birthdays and special occasions. So I made her some bear ears for her to wear while giving Daddy his Father's Day gifts.

They ended up looking more like Mickey Mouse ears so we took them to Disneyland with us, and she looked so cute in them.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day honey! You are the best daddy ever for our little Emmy. Thank you for all you do for her. We love you so much!

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