Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Vacation: The Beach

We kept trying to go to the beach the whole week we were in California but Emily kept preventing us from getting there. I really, really wanted to go so finally on the last day, even though it was Sunday, we made it. Since it was Sunday, we just took it easy and walked along the beach and played in the sand.

Emily loved watching the waves and the seagulls, but when we tried to put her down in the sand, she hated it. She would scrunch her legs up so they wouldn't touch. I think she looks like a flamingo in this picture.

We put her down in the sand and she just cried and cried.

Then we brought her back to the towels and filled up a little toy with sand and let her touch that. Since it was on a smaller scale, she did a lot better with that.

Then she started having fun and spread sand all over me.

Then she tried to eat it.

After that, she was having fun crawling around and playing in the sand. She just didn't want anything to do with the water.

Finally! Happiness!

Allison had brought a kite and was so sad when this sign was posted at the beach entrance.

So she flew her kite down the street on the way back to the car.

Anyway, it was a fun vacation and we are so grateful that we were able to go. Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking us on such a great trip!

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Bekah said...

hahaha I totally missed these posts. It looks like you had fun in the sun. Disneyland is always you well know. So great seeing you the other night!