Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Vacation: Characters & Hotel

Of course we had to take Emily to meet some princesses and other Disney characters. (And I had to get their autographs for my book!)

We met Ariel, Tiana, Belle, Sully, and Brier Bear.

Em didn't care so much about the princesses, but she was fascinated with Sully. They also have an adorable Monsters Inc. ride that she loved.

At one point (or more than one), she decided to throw a fit. She screamed and screamed until I took the lid off her sippy cup. After she took a swig (with most of it going all over her shirt) she then proceeded to stick her hand in the juice and suck the juice off her fingers. Over and over.

It sure is a good thing she is cute, because a few times Matt and I were about to lose it when she was being a cranky pants. It was really fun watching her when she was actually enjoying the rides and stuff though. She was just in awe.

When we were on the train, we saw this girl with super poofy hair and Mickey ears with the name "Sheffon" on them. She was making out with this big white trash guy. It was so funny that we had to sneak a picture. The more funny part was that the people next to us saw us take the picture, and as soon as Sheffon and her boyfriend got off the train they busted out laughing and asked to see the picture. Ha!

I was kind of jealous of how good Rivers was compared to Emily. He was perfectly content to just ride around in his stroller and take in the sights. He never took a nap, just a few snoozes in his stroller occasionally.

And he really never got too fussy even without taking a nap all day and staying up late. I was jealous that Emily wouldn't do that. We shared a condo with Scott, Mystie and Rivers. It was fun to watch Emily and Rivers play together. Mostly they would steal each other's toys. It was pretty funny.

This is when Emily was the happiest. Just running around in her diaper.

Rivers wanted in on the Mickey ears too. And apparently Em's shoe as well. :)

Our last night in Disneyland I really, really wanted to stay for the fireworks, and so I made Matt and Em stay with me. Emily was so funny. I think she was in that beyond sleepy slap-happy stage and so she was giving us kisses the whole time and jumping back and forth between the two of us. I sure do love that little girl.

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