Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Resolution Wrap-up

I really didn't do so well at my resolutions this year. I am deeming 2013 as the year of sheer exhaustion. It has been a rough year. I feel like it's an accomplishment that I kept everyone alive and at least somewhat healthy this year and stayed out of the looney bin (barely). Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish much else. Yes, I know that is pathetic, but it's pretty much all I could do this year.

Anyway, I'm still going to report on my goals.

1. Get in shape. I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily back "in shape", BUT I did get back into the habit of exercising regularly and I ran a half marathon and a triathlon this year. I also started a blog where I documented everything...my struggles and progress.

2. Organize and stay on top of things. Yeah, I wasn't very organized this year.

3. Get our food storage and 72-Hour Kits together. I did get a 72-hour kit of food (not other supplies though) and I did stock up a little more on our food storage. I'd say we probably could survive for a month if needed.

4. Prepare. I feel like I did better at this, but not by much. We started using the nursery manual for FHE, so that at least helped me be better prepared for that.

5. Sleep train Zach and potty train Emmy. Sleep training has been a joke. Zach is not a good sleeper. It's been rough. Potty training Emmy went pretty smoothly though.

6. Spend quality time each day with Emmy and Zach. I really could have done better with this. This goes back to being prepared. I felt like I was so exhausted all the time that I didn't prepare what I needed to in order to do this well.

7. Be on time to church. We did pretty good about this.

8. Smile more. I didn't do a very good job about this one.

Anyway, it wasn't what I wanted, but at least I did make some progress in some areas. Maybe next year will be better as far as my resolutions go.

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