Monday, January 6, 2014

Vacation, Part 1

Just after Christmas, my parents, siblings, and us went to San Diego for a week. It was great. We drove down with Nathan, Jessica and Levi. The kids did pretty well, except for Zach and Levi had a bit of a cryfest in the backseat for a couple of hours. They would trigger each other. It took us FOREVER to get there.

The day after we arrived, we hit the Safari Park. I wasn't too impressed with it, to be honest. Maybe it was because we were still tired from the drive and Matt was getting sick and it was super crowded and hard to navigate.

Zach HATED the train ride and cried the whole time. But we saw some cool things.

I liked how the animals were just roaming around on the hillsides.

We stuck with Nathan and Jessica most of the time. We also roomed with them and I'm pretty sure they were sick of us by the end of the week.

Emily's (and Nathan's) favorite part was the petting zoo. They even had little brushes you could brush the goats.

Emily had to brush every single goat in there.

And Nathan, Jessica, and Levi tried on these safari hats. We also watched the cheetah run, which was pretty neat, but we couldn't see very well.

Emily's favorite part of the trip was the playground at the hotel and the swimming pool. She kept asking every day right after she woke up if we wanted to go swimming.

The pool was pretty chilly. Zach liked to sit on the step and play with my goggles. And Emily liked to jump off the side.

Really, she just LOVED being in the pool.

It was beautiful weather. Low 70s the whole week. It was great!

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