Monday, January 6, 2014

Vacation, Part 2

One of the days we went to Sea World and I think that was my favorite day. It was so fun. Emily was so excited about the whales and she would gasp and laugh every time they jumped up during the Shamu show.

She also loved the tide pools and holding the starfish.

This dolphin was hilarious. It kept trying to open a little box that was near us to get some fish out of it.

Emily was so excited to feed the stingrays. She proudly carried the little tray of fish over to the pool.

She even picked up the fish and threw them into the water for the stingrays. But she didn't want to hold it there in the water for the stingray to come and eat it out of her hand.

So Matt did that.

They had a few little rides that Emily loved as well. She kept yelling, "Wheeeee....look at me!"

After we got off, she kept jumping around saying she wanted to go again.

She loved this spinning starfish ride too.

And she asked (very nicely) if she could get a treat. So we let her pick one. She picked a giant snowman cookie and ate the whole thing!

I was even nice enough to give her a piggyback ride part of the time.

Emmy loved Sea World. Zach mostly tolerated it. It was definitely our best day. It was kind of funny because everyone else left before us and Emily didn't want to go! We finally left because Zach was starting to lose it (and because Nathan and Jessica got wet and were cold).

What a fun day at Sea World!

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