Monday, January 6, 2014

Vacation, Part 3

It's not a trip to Cali without hitting the beach! Emmy loved playing in the sand.

She had a blast filling her bucket over and over.

And Zach had fun playing with his fish and trying to keep them away from Emmy.

Emmy stuck her feet in, but didn't like it much.

But loved the ice cream cones we got on the way back.

We also visited the zoo while in San Diego. The kids liked it much better than the Safari Park.

There was another petting zoo.

And here is Emmy pointing out the jaguar we saw on the bus tour. It had a crazy laugh that was hilarious and it sounded like Olivia.

Zach just wanted to get down!

We saw some cool bears and a baby giraffe and a hippo swimming and a baby panda and a huge elephant with tusks. It was fun!

And Emmy and Zach were so pooped that they actually BOTH fell asleep in the stroller. I thought I was going to die...that never happens.

On our last day we just hung around the pool and the beach. My mom found some Latin American dessert place she wanted to try. She got the "special" which was this disgusting snow cone with hot sauce and chili powder.  We about died laughing when everyone tried some.

Zach loved playing in the sand, and kept throwing it and got it everywhere! I'm still finding sand in his hair!

And Matt, Nathan, and Allison actually got in the water and went swimming. Freezing!

Zach and I watched. There was some fog rolling in. And a fog horn. It was crazy. Emmy and I also found some tidepools with a bunch of starfish, crabs, anemones, etc. Emmy loved them!

Then we drove home on Jessica's birthday. We had some fun surprises for her the whole way home!

We stopped in Primm, NV to ride the roller coaster. It was crazy! It was a fun trip and I was sad to come home to a few inches of snow and a big, fat Primary mess. I miss the beach already!

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The Lively's said...

Fun trip! We loved the zoo!