Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh the messes they make!

Zach is really into taking things in and out of their place lately. And opening and closing things. I feel like I clean up the same mess 5 times a day. But it keeps him entertained and happy. Until he gets into the toilet. This is when he was putting the garbage in the toilet and taking it out again. Eeeeww!

And this is when he was throwing all the toys in between the stair rails. Emmy got in on the fun and they both thought it was hilarious!

And this is what the stairs looked like after.

Zach also took all my books off the bookshelf one day. Emmy decided to brush up on her student affairs skills by reading my college textbooks. Ha! It was so cute...it looked like she was studying.


The Lively's said...

That is funny! All those toys on the stairs is pretty funny! :)

Well at least Zach was playing in a clean toilet! Kyle forgets to flush, shut the door and what not so Tyler has played in #1 & #2!!! I was livid!!!!! Soooo Gross!!!

Couch Pirate said...

Wow, they sure look like they're keeping you going! Honestly, if it weren't for the sheer mess factor, the stair decorating looked like they had a lot of fun!