Friday, February 7, 2014

Sometimes they actually...

SLEEP! There is no more precious thing than watching your child sleep. They look like such angels. And it's such a rare occurance!

And I hate to wake them up. I don't very often, but last week I had to wake Zach up to go to church. And Emmy looked so cute watching Zach sleep.

Emmy rarely takes naps anymore. But one day I let her take one in my bed. After going through my jewelry box, she actually fell asleep and slept right through her green light on her clock. I had to sneak in and reset it.

And Emmy has FINALLY started to enjoy playing with Zach sometimes. It's so nice not having her be mean to him all the time. She has also started really looking out for him and trying to comfort him if he gets hurt. It's so cute.

Poor Zach got a really awful haircut yesterday. I totally hate it. Good thing his hair grows fast. I really need to learn to cut hair.

And we got hit with a round of the flu over here. This is what Emmy did for a week. Laid on the couch and whined. Thank goodness she is better.

And here's Zach just getting into more stuff! He actually took a few steps from one cupboard to the next one the other day without holding onto anything. Emmy keeps asking if he is going to learn to walk and talk soon. I think she really wants him to be more of a playmate.

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