Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ice Castles

This week for FHE we went up to see the Midway Ice Castles. It was a great idea in theory, but it was the last day and it was a holiday=huge crowds! Seriously, we got there and saw the line to get in and almost turned around and went home. But Emmy was so excited to go inside the snow castles that we waited in the 1.5 hour line. They did have some fire dancers you could watch while you were in line, so at least there was that. Emmy loved the fire dancers! Here she is watching them.

After our lovely wait in line, we finally made it inside, and I must say that it was pretty cool. Emily kept saying, "Wow! Beautiful!"

My arms were about to fall off from carrying Zach around for 2 hours, but at least he was good.

Emily had a blast inside the ice castles exploring all the tunnels and stuff.

It really was amazing. We went at night and they had these colored lights inside so the icicles were glowing.

Anyway, it was really fun and Emily keeps talking about the "snow castles" and how cool they were ever since. We didn't get home til 10:00, and the kids were super cranky the next day, but it really was neat.

So, moral of the story is: The Ice Castles are awesome and don't go on the last day. And yes, Zach is still wearing a pink coat. I'm cheap!


Lisa W said...

I wan to go see those but I am a wimp when I comes to the cold. Have you seen the Alex Boye Frozen video that the did in the Ice Castles?

Christy said...

Haha! Lisa! It actually wasn't that cold the night we went. Yes, I have seen that video...pretty cool!