Monday, February 17, 2014

Day of Love

We had a pretty fun Valentine's Day around here. I'm thankful for all 3 of my Valentines! First off, this lovely arrangement was waiting for me on the kitchen counter when I got home from the gym.

I would like to point out the homemade flower in the vase. There is even a poem in the middle that Matt wrote for me! This beats real flowers any day. I know Matt thinks he is not creative, but he can really come up with some great stuff. Thank you honey!

We got Emmy some heart stickers and a little bear. She was beyond excited.

She had a Valentines party at preschool and made Valentine's for her preschool friends. Basically they were a bunch of stuff glued on paper and looked pretty ghetto, but she had fun making them. She also made Valentines for her grandparents.

This is what was inside my package....a new crockpot! In the almost 6 years we have had our other crockpot, about 95% of everything I've made in it has turned out gross. Matt insisted that it was just a bad crockpot, not that I was a bad cook, so he got me a new one to prove it.

Emmy and I also made some yummy cookies. Emmy was much more interested in eating the dough and the frosting than anything else. What a silly!

The next day, Matt took me out on an actual date! Yay! We went to Olive Garden and it was such bliss being able to eat my dinner without having to share or wipe up a spill or get something or whatever and actually enjoy it in peace. While it was still hot.

It was a great Valentine's Day and I am blessed to have the best Valentine in the world!

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