Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I just wanted to say again how grateful I am that Emmy is finally starting to like her brother. When we went to dinner last weekend, she insisted on sitting by him and sharing her food with him. And spoon-feeding it to him. It was awesome! A bite for Emmy and then a bite for Zach. She would even stop every few bites and give him a drink.

It's been a rough year around here with Emmy not being very happy about Zach joining our family. She was so mean to him all the time, so it is WONDERFUL that she is starting to enjoy him now. I was constantly having to "protect" him from her because she would push him and hit him and take his stuff away. But it is so nice to see her wanting to take care of him and play with him now. And when they actually play together, it is so nice because it keeps both of them distracted for a few minutes. And when he gets hurt or whatever, she tries to comfort him and help him. She always wants to feed him and "carry" him (yeah, that's an interesting one!). She still has trouble sharing with him most of the time, but this is major progress from what it used to be. Hallelujah!

I really hope they continue to enjoy each other and be friends.

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Couch Pirate said...

What a blessing! I'm glad that there is more sibling love in the Lively household!