Thursday, December 19, 2013

Festival of Trees

We've been having lots of fun this month doing Christmas activities. Emily has been busily making and painting ornaments, helping me make cranberry bread, wrapping presents, and making Christmas cards and lists for Santa.

We were able to go to the festival of trees earlier this month. I love seeing all the fun trees. Emily wanted me to take her picture in front of this one. (Don't know why!)

One of my favorites was the Nemo tree. It had an aquarium in the middle of the tree! So clever!

And I liked the colors on this one.

Emily mostly liked the trees, but Zach was a little stinker and fussed the whole time.

Emily likes writing letters to Santa and telling him what everyone wants. It's really quite funny the things she comes up with. Like in this one she said that Zach wanted a teddy bear and a Christmas ornament.

We also called Santa on the phone. Emmy kept smiling as she listened to Santa's message. Christmastime with a 3-year-old is pretty fun!

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