Friday, December 17, 2010


This week as I’ve been handing everything over at work, this scene from the movie Father of the Bride keeps playing over and over in my head…

Franck, the wedding coordinator, comes over to the Banks’ house to plan how everything will be set up for the wedding. Franck takes one look at George’s house (which George is proud of and loves it just the way it is) and says, “Ah, very nice, very nice…we change it all though.” And then George says, “With one swift move, I'd been cut out of the deal. Annie, Nina and Franck were in charge now. Old Dad was history.”

That is exactly how I have felt this week. I realized that I have become very possessive of the work I’ve done, and I have hated handing it over. It’s hard letting go of all the hard work I’ve put into these programs and know that things are probably eventually going to be changed. I’m sure I'm probably overreacting and taking it too personally, and in a month from now it probably won’t bother me, but right now I don’t like it one bit.

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