Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day

We had quite the busy Christmas.On Christmas Eve, we had our own little gift exchange at home and then we went off to visit all the family. We stopped at my Grandma's in Spanish Fork and then my other Grandma's in Draper before heading to Matt's parents for dinner. We had dinner with them, and watched their traditional Christmas Eve movie, Nora's Christmas. Then we went to my parents' to sleep over. We played Battle of the Sexes with my siblings and laughed at Laurie because she thought one of the 3 stooges was Shim, and that the most prestigious decoration in the US was a wreath. Ha! On Christmas morning, we all crammed into the family room (all 13 of us) and had a great time. Here is Rivers just chillin with his dangly toys amid all the wrapping paper.

Emily was still sleeping at this point, but soon decided she didn't want to miss out on anything. All Day long. She would not take her naps at all.

I got Matt this silly toy helicopter, and he was so excited!

His dad had gotten one recently and Matt sat and played with it for hours.

He even got some Mountain Dew to match his pants!

Emily had a grand old time opening her presents. It was so cute, she loved the ribbons and paper. And she is in this stage now where she loves to feel things, so she would rip the paper right off.

Of course she needed to taste everything too.

Here she is very intently concentrating on her gift.

The ribbon was her favorite thing!

She got these cute little finger puppets, and loved them!

She also enjoyed some horsey rides from Grandpa.

Although I'm sure who enjoyed them more, Emily or Grandpa!

She was being such a ham all day (when she wasn't crying because she needed a nap). She would just giggle and smile at everyone.

And taste all of her presents.

We sure do love our little Emmy baby! After Christmas morning at the Shepherds, we headed over to the Livelys to spend some time with Matt's fam.

This was the Christmas dress and shoes I got her. I love it so much and think she looks so cute in it. This little rocking chair Emily inherited from Great-Grandma Lively.

And then Matt's helicopter flew right into my hair and got stuck. It seriously took 5 minutes to get it out.

Anyway, we had a great Christmas and loved spending time with our families. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful gifts and fun times! It was especially fun to watch Em.

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