Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorations of red...on a green Christmas tree....

I'm taking a poll. I got this stocking (the one in the middle) for Emily. I can't decide if I am going to keep it or not. I think it's super cute, but it's also pretty trendy and there's nothing really special about it. And it doesn't match mine and Matt's. So my dilhema is...should I get stockings that all match? Should I buy a whole bunch now so that all our kids will have matching ones? Does it matter that there's nothing really special about it or is it special enough that I just think it's cute? I could put her name on it. And what makes a stocking special anyway? Also, when we have other kids (if we ever have other kids) should I just get them all different ones based on whatever I like at the time?

I'm kind of a sentimental person, so this is kind of a big deal to me, so I need some feedback. She's going to have this stocking for the rest of her life. I just can't decide!

But here is our lovely Christmas tree...

It is much more fragrant than any other tree I've had and I love it!

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