Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We love the fair

I love the fair! This year I took the kids by myself on a Wednesday afternoon and it was great. It wasn't crowded at all and I didn't feel like I was dodging people everywhere. I told Emmy she could pick one treat, and she picked an ice cream cone.

They had a little animal nursery with baby cows, goats, pigs, and chicks. These chicks were only like a day old and they also had an incubator with eggs that were actually hatching. We saw a chick trying to come out of its egg. Emmy loved watching the chicks. At one point, I asked her if she was ready to go see something else and she said she wanted to stay for a few more minutes to watch the chicks.

They also had the best fair exhibit of all time: Little Helpers on the Farm. The kids got to put on an apron and get a bucket, and then they had to do all sorts of farm chores. They had to gather grain for the cows.

Then feed the cow.

And milk it and gather the milk in their bucket.

They had to pick an apple, plant a seed, and then dig up the vegetable of the seed they planted. Then put all the produce in their bucket.

They had to brush a sheep and gather some eggs from the chicken coop. (All of this was fake of course, but so cute.) Then they had to "sell" their produce/milk/eggs to the grocery store, and got a dollar. Then they could use their dollar to buy a treat at the store.

It seriously was so cute. They also had a little craft room where Emmy made a sheep. It really was the best fair exhibit I've ever seen.

We saw the livestock and the prize-winning produce and had some food on a stick and saw the butter cow and watched some bees making honey. I bought some of the honey, and it was delicious! I opted for the chicken and waffles on a stick for my fair food item, and it was kind of disappointing. I should have just gone with the corndog. Oh well!

It was great though, and I really do love the fair. I haven't been for a few years, so it was nice that the kids are finally old enough to somewhat enjoy it!

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