Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall cleaning

So my goal for the month of August was to get my basement cleaned out and organized. I didn't finish, but I've been chipping away at it. I've found some really funny stuff that I don't know why I've hung onto for all these years. I am such a packrat!

Example #1: My crappy keychain collection. Seriously most of these are pure junk.

Example #2: Random art projects from elementary/middle/high school. This was only one of them. I'm keeping a few, but I really don't need a whole box full.

Example #3: Random stuff from Young Womens. Again, I'm keeping some of it for sentimental reasons, but I seriously had a boat load of stuff. I've mostly condensed it down to one box.

Example #4 (not pictured): An entire box full of notes that my friends had sent me in high school and letters that my cousins/friends had written me. Some of these were really funny to read. I kept some of them, but really I don't need 500 letters from my cousin Melissa telling me about how cute the same guy is. Haha!

I'm really trying to get this stuff organized because if we end up having to move, I really don't need to drag 5 boxes worth of junk across the country!

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German Zollinger said...

Wow! What fun finds! When I did my fall cleaning last week, I came across similar items scattered here and there. Well, I guess I can say those were distractions because instead of finishing all of it up immediately, it took me a whole week to go around the house. I really think that's one of the hidden pleasures of cleaning, to find a lost part of one's self amongst the clutter. Hahaha! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing those finds and your thoughts! I hope everyone in your family is in the best of health!

German Zollinger @ Total Clean