Wednesday, September 10, 2014


On a whim I signed Emmy up for soccer this year. It may have been the biggest mistake of 2014. I really felt like she needed to do something, so I asked her if she'd rather do soccer or gymnastics. She said, "Well, I like to kick stuff, so I want to do soccer." So I proceeded to look into it. Riverton soccer had already started, so that was out. Then I looked at South Jordan. They hadn't started yet, but they were full. I told Emmy she might have to do gymnastics instead. Then I called the guy in charge just to make sure it was full, and he said they had just barely had a cancellation in the 4 year old group, so we could have the spot. So I signed her up. Then like 30 minutes later, Emmy said, "I just want to play soccer at home."

And ever since she has been saying that she doesn't want to go to soccer. We took her to pick out some soccer shorts and socks to get her excited about it, and she was excited about the stuff, she just still didn't want to go.

She had her first practice/game on Saturday, and she refused to do anything unless I was holding her hand. So the coach said it was ok if I stayed with her and I felt like an idiot running up and down the field!

She has her second practice tomorrow so hopefully it goes better!

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