Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Emmy FINALLY started preschool this week! And of course, she did not want to go, or let me take a picture of her, or anything.
She sulked the whole way there (5 houses down the street).

And then cried when she had to get out of the stroller and go with Miss Heather.

But then when I picked her up, she was sitting on the porch nicely with all the other kids, and she told me that she had fun.

She had homework on the first day! She was excited to show it to me and show me the treat she had gotten because it was someone's birthday.

This was her homework. My favorite is that she said she wants to be a mom and a Primary teacher when she grows up. And that her favorite animal was a penguin. (Random!)

Anyway, she said she had a good time. And of course, this morning when it was time to go again, we repeated the scene from Monday. This time she didn't cry, but she did whine all morning about not wanting to go. I really hope she grows out of this separation anxiety soon so she can enjoy all the fun things about preschool!

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