Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Goodbye Summer

We have been in denial that summer is coming to and end and living up these last few warm days. We spent a few last days at the pool before it closed for the season.

Emmy has LOVED swimming this year and has gotten so much braver. She will willingly dunk her head now, thanks to swimming lessons. And she loves to practice everything she learned in her lessons. Zach just loves wandering around and splashing. His favorite thing to do is to run out of the pool, go touch the lounge chairs and come back in.

Emmy also insisted on teaching Grandma Lively how to swim. She told Emmy that she didn't know how to swim, and Emmy asked every day for a month if Grandma could come to the pool with us so she could teach her how to swim.

I don't know what this was, but Emmy had lined up all her animals to watch a show with her and Daddy.

We also went out to Herriman Beach with Scott and family. We forgot the sand toys, which was a major bummer, but we still had fun!

Emily just loves any excuse to get together with Rivers. And when it involves throwing sand and eating treats, it's just that much better!

We have had a fun summer! I don't want the cold to come!

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