Monday, January 14, 2013

Zach's Nursery

Yes, Zach is 3 months old and I am just getting around to finishing decorating and taking pictures of his nursery. (Not to mention we had to move the computer desk out of there!) I had big plans to paint it, but it is just not happening anytime soon. Maybe next summer.

I decided to go with a surfer/Hawaiian theme. I got him this cute surfer clock and made his name out of surfer/Hawaiian stuff. (This is the wall I was going to paint. Blue with ocean waves on it.)

I got some cute surfboard fabric and made his changing table cover (which you can't really see in the picture) and my friend Caron helped me make these curtains. I cut a grass skirt short for a valance so it looks like a little surfer hut. (Caron also made the blanket hanging over the rocking chair.)

I hung up some tapa cloth and kukui nuts that I brought back from Hawaii. And the picture of Jesus was my Grandma's. Then I got these cute surfboard decals and made a frame out of bamboo sticks lashed together with twine.

I think it turned out pretty cute, although it looks much better in person. These pictures didn't turn out very well. And once I get around to painting his room, it will be even cuter! Surf's Up! I hope Zach likes his surfer room!


audrey said...

So cute! Jaden is two and I just barely finished his nursery last week. Three months isn't bad at all! :)

Kristen Brady said...

I love that idea! Great job girls!