Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some happenings

Here's some random pics from the past month or two...

Emmy has become such a little busybody. She gets into things faster than I can keep track of her. She has also recently started lining things up in straight lines. Here she is arranging the spices (and her bunnies) on the back step.

She thinks it's hilarious to put our shoes on.

We went to Gardner Village to feed the ducks. Emmy had a blast.

Matt and I babysat our niece and nephew for 1.5 hours while the rest of the fam went to the temple. My family does temple sessions together every few months, and since it's hard to get a babysitter, we decided to rotate babysitting with the other siblings. We got a taste of what life would be like with 4 kids. Yikes! Really though, it wasn't too bad...for an hour and a half anyway.
Zach and Olivia
Emmy and Rivers
I was out grocery shopping one day, and this is what Matt did with the kids while I was gone. Ha!

Emmy wanted to share her bed and her pillow pet with Zach. She really is a good big sister to him. She's always getting him blankets and toys and his binkie. The other day she was putting blankets on him and saying, "Snuggle, snuggle!"

Zach tries to hold his own binkie in. Or maybe he was trying to take it out?

We went to the Festival of Trees. Emmy was enthralled by this train. She threw a fit in the middle of the aisle when it was time to go. Needless to say, we only saw about 3 rows of the trees.

And Zach is quite the little chunk. We couldn't even button the top button of these jammies because his neck was too fat.

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