Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas, Part 2

After our Christmas morning festivities, we headed over to the grandparents' for more fun. Emily and Rivers had fun opening their presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

Emily also thought it would be a good idea to swing in the baby swing while brushing her hair with her new brush.

Emmy got lots of fun presents from both sets of grandparents. I don't know where we are going to put all her loot!

We were all very spoiled. Zach got this fun new toy, and he loves it!

He also got this fun shirt from my friend Caron. It says, "I'm told I love football." Ha!

Here is Zach with his cousin, Tyler. They are only 6 weeks apart, but Zach is like 6 times as big!

Uncle Kyle wanted a picture with all of his nieces and nephews before he left on his mission a few days later. The kids love Uncle Kyle, but they were not interested in taking a picture.

This picture makes me laugh though because it's so typical of everyone's personality. Emmy is wiggling and being silly, Zach is crying, Olivia is oblivious to everything, and Rivers is saying hi to everyone else. Kyle is great with them though, and we are going to miss him!

It was a great Christmas!

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